Fundraisers Info

We offer 2 types of Fundraiser Programs that have proven Results.  

Jamaican Grill gets an exceptional amount of repeat fundraisers because it works extremely well for our clients.


Fundraiser Plates:
a. Reserve a date and commit to a goal (# of plates)
b. Pre-sale the plates to your network of family and friends  
c. Jamaican Grill will prepare these plates hot & fresh thus ready for your pick up
d. You pay upon pick up plates and deliver to the persons/groups who purchased them
e. You mark up the plate thus make a profit for meal sold
f. See “Fundraiser Plates Terms & Conditions” for complete details.   

Fundraiser Coupons:
a. You buy coupons from us and pick them up at one of our restaurants 
b. You sell these coupons with a markup thus make a profit from each one sold.
c. Coupons to be redeemed at any of our locations for a standard fundraiser plate.
d. See “Fundraiser Coupons Terms & Conditions” for complete details.